Wednesday, 15 June 2011

You Are Human

You are human. Bones and heart and flesh and spirit. Our souls have travelled the same road, though throughout the courses of our life we have both drifted.  However our hearts both beat like the hummingbird nestled protectively in the hollow of our chests. We are one you and I. I could shoot you no more than I could deprive the hummingbird of its song. My arm achingly reaches out to embrace you as though you are my brother departed. I know you and though my core wants to tear, bite, kill something deeper still; an ancient echoed memory imprinted within, seeks to touch your face. For I know my love for you my brother will conquer this cankering parasite which is not so deep inside me but merely an imposter. I sense it has been there, not since the first dawn but since the eclipse. When my blood is spilled it shines as red as the gaudiest ruby and so does yours, for this I lay my arrow down. For this the chains which hold me to authority crumble to the finest powder, it’s colour as black as their lies, it’s texture like sand; once stone like and restrictive but breakable. They once told me it was your face that was the black one, the colour of death and sin. They lied, you are beautiful.

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  1. Wow just wow, this is amazing Sophie. You really have talent.