Monday, 13 February 2012

Though You're Here

Poor dear.
You've gone mad.
Sanity, you know
Seems too little a price
For what they've done to you.

I do believe they understood
When you asked,
Please, would they leave you,
Alone, to play with your
Pretty dolls, their hair in clumps
And their clothes tattered?
So why must they push you?

Nonetheless, they did. Now,
Your pretty dolls
Are shattered and lost,
And you're alone
But everyone is there.
Tell me, please, about
Your father.
Did you love him?
Did he love you?
Or the prince. Liar.

Still you're there, your hair,
A fan around you and your
Dress absorbing sunlight
As you float.

Poor dear, welcome.
Hold our hand, darling lost cause.
We'll love you.

Friday, 2 September 2011

quick poem

as an artist
i am perpetually hearbroken.
my creativity
is a manifestation
of my despair.
is my

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Circus

Ok so this is a script i wrote for school. It was an inter house competition thing and i was really proud of it. Unfortanately it was completely and unfairly changed and simplified by a few illiterate bitches but i still have the original. Enjoy :)

Scene 1:

(Around Lucy the circus characters should be acting in the background.) A younger version of the girl should be seen visiting the circus and her parents should be highlighted as being still and cruel)

Growing up all I remember was the circus. I recall the colours; yellow, red and blue, they were the colours of the tent, the clowns, the performer’s costumes. So dazzling and bold they were to me and so contrasting with my world which was perpetually gray and bleak. The circus was my ever present daydream, distraction and delight but most of all it was my haven, it was my sanctuary. A place where I could ride bareback, tame lions and soar across the ceiling on a piece of string, above my loneliness and beyond my fear. The seed of my imagination was sown from the moment I glimpsed the circus age 6, taken on a rare day of adventure and in that moment I saw my future.

Now I’m 15 and I’m leaving home. All my possessions are slung in pillow case on  my back. I’m escaping, flying away to my haven, my sanctuary. The night will hide me and I should slip away unnoticed. I’ll be at the circus by morning. It never stops you see, it’s always travelling and moving from one land to another but I’ve tracked it down for sure this time and then I’ll finally be where I belong

Scene 2:

Girl: Finally, I’m home. So beautiful, it’s so very beautiful isn’t it?

Good conscience: Keep your wits about you. You’re young and na├»ve still and you know this circus not. Be wary of every arrival and inmate.

Bad conscience: What rubbish is this? Look yonder child, I spy an entrance booth and a women waiting to grant you access to the circus.

Ticket Lady: Come over here girlie. Would you like a ticket inside? It’s a fine day for a viewing unless you’re looking to stay with us.

Girl: That’s what I’m here for. I want to be one of you.

Ticket Seller: Well think hard and think careful. I want you to listen to me because a lot depends on this: are you willing to give up everything, your name, your livelihood, your sweet innocent naivety perhaps? Be sure. I want you to be sure. When you are, you can do as you wish because lord knows I don’t want to force this thing on you, it can carry a heavy price. Do you want the ticket?

(The consciences say nothing but their expressions show that both are trying to sway the girl’s decision. They stare at her for a few moments before she answers)

Girl: (Softly) Yes.

(She hands it to her apprehensively with a stony expression.

Scene 3:

It is later that day and the ring master is addressing the circus. He is a violent figure of authority and is currently introducing the girl to the crowd. All the circus members are enthusiastic and having a fun time.

Ring leader: (Shouted) Shut up and pay attention right now.

Clown 1: Don’t worry; she’s got our attention all right. 

Ring leader: Quiet you little letch, I’ll have no lip from you. If you jump her right now I’ll cut you.

(He waits to hear any retorts and when he doesn’t he continues)

Ring leader: Furthermore there will be no trouble of any description as of yet. Until I get this show up to scratch there will be half rations to save on funds. I will work you like the mangy whining dogs you are until you roll over and do my bidding. And when you’ve been half flogged into insanity and are not fit to work for this circus any longer I will drown you in the horse’s water and sell the meat for sixpence.

Ring leader: (addressing the girl) you go and laugh a while with the others, I may see you later, my sweet adopted daughter. (Exits)

(Aside from the crowd the girl starts having an internal debate)

GC: I think you need to stop right now. Think this through. This is crazy, you’re acting crazy; fleeing to the circus in the middle of the night with no plan and no thought for consequences. What have you done? This place is strange and the characters here are erratic. That man is dangerous.

BC: No, why are you being so cowardly. I despise you for your lack of backbone. Trust in me, I can see in to your heart and you know this is the best place for you.

(The next few lines can mainly be improvised by the characters with whatever works humorously)

Clown 1: Hey there, what’re you drinking? Would you like me to show you round?

Clown 2: (tipsily) No, wait! I’ll show you round the tent. I know this place like the back of my hand.

Clown 3: (drunkenly) This place is awesome baby!  And I’m the funniest guy you’ll find in this patch.

Girl: It’s so fun around here; do you guys like party every night?

Clown 2: Hell yeah!!! We’re wilder than the lions for real. Wahoo!!

Scene 4

It is late evening and the party is slowing down. The girl and another slightly older friend are bonding and having a conversation over mugs. (Circus members present are miming in the background, perhaps talking in groups and settling down for the evening)

Friend: So whatever brought you here in the first place precious? I tell you, we don’t get your type just joining up out of the blue very often.

Lucy: You don’t mind me being here though; I mean people have treated me all right so far it’s just i…

Friend: Don’t feel like I should be here. Well guess what kid I wouldn’t stay too long if I were you. I joined young as well, I was going to do everything and I suppose I’ve seen a fair few things travelling around the place with this lot but I tell you I’ve seen some other things as well, things that aren’t as delightful as the view you get from the circus gates. What I mean is darling, watch your back. Don’t trust too easily around here, it’s not all what it seems. There’s darkness as well as beauty and in my experience it usually raises its head at night.

Girl: Well thank you, I’ll be sure to look after myself. I’m fine though, this life has been my dream forever and it still is. Today was amazing, I’ve done things I never imagined I could ever do and I’m mighty grateful for it.

Friend: I’ve got your back sweetheart, you just mind yourself and I’m sure you’ll be fine. We should stick together you and me. We’re the same you and me.

(A performer goes to the friend and whispers in her ear to leave. The ring master is on stage and it’s clear that he wants her, seeing this she goes immediately, leaving the girl alone)

Member of circus: don’t worry she’ll be back soon. If she’s not back within the hour you come round to the back tent and come see us. We’ll keep you company.

(The girl waits for what seems like hours. As she falls asleep you can see in her expression that she knows in her heart the women won’t come back. She is tired and confused.)

Scene 5:

The scene flashes back to when the women offers her the ticket the same lines are repeated and the piece finishes on the word ‘no’.
When she wakes the circus surrounds her and she jumps up. Her words come out in gibberish and she is terrified of them.

Girl: Why have you come here? You’re my dream not my nightmare, you’re my sanctuary not my hell. I hate this place, it’s miserable and beastly and I wish I’d never come. This air stinks of filth and though I couldn’t put my finger on it before I can see now that you are all twisted and evil. Go. Be gone, you frighten me to death, I know what you did to the women I spoke with last night. You killed her didn’t you? You probably drowned her in the horses bucket like you said you would and had done. (She steps away) I’m leaving, you scare me.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

You Are Human

You are human. Bones and heart and flesh and spirit. Our souls have travelled the same road, though throughout the courses of our life we have both drifted.  However our hearts both beat like the hummingbird nestled protectively in the hollow of our chests. We are one you and I. I could shoot you no more than I could deprive the hummingbird of its song. My arm achingly reaches out to embrace you as though you are my brother departed. I know you and though my core wants to tear, bite, kill something deeper still; an ancient echoed memory imprinted within, seeks to touch your face. For I know my love for you my brother will conquer this cankering parasite which is not so deep inside me but merely an imposter. I sense it has been there, not since the first dawn but since the eclipse. When my blood is spilled it shines as red as the gaudiest ruby and so does yours, for this I lay my arrow down. For this the chains which hold me to authority crumble to the finest powder, it’s colour as black as their lies, it’s texture like sand; once stone like and restrictive but breakable. They once told me it was your face that was the black one, the colour of death and sin. They lied, you are beautiful.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Saying No

This is a short story that I wrote for health class about saying no to alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes. We had an assignment to explain what we would do if someone offered us one of these things, and I chose to write a short story. This, I think anyways, still needs some editing, but if you guys could give me as many suggestions as possible, that would be great. It could only be one page, so that is why it is so short. Enjoy!

“That was so much fun!” I said as I exited the dance. The dance ended, and I was walking out with my friend Paige. People were all over the place, and it was hard to see past everyone.

“I agree!” Paige said as she pulled her messy ponytail out and put it back in. I couldn’t see my parents anywhere.

“Oh, there is my mom. See you on Monday!” Paige ran off to her mother, who was across the street.

I was getting nervous that my parents had forgotten to pick me up, so I walked around to the back of the building to call my parents. To my surprise, I saw my best friend, Hope. She wasn’t alone; she was with another girl and two other guys.

“Oh. H-h-h-hello S-s-s-Sophia!” Hope said, her voice slurring when she talked. I saw a case of beer sitting at the base of the building, and I could tell that Hope had been drinking. One of the guys had pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his back pocket, and was now lighting it.

“Um…hi, Hope. Um, are these your friends?” I asked her. I was hoping that she would be smarter than to be hanging out with these people.

“Y-y-yes. This is S-s-s-Skylar,” Hope said, sloppily pointing to the girl with long blonde hair, who had a beer bottle in her hand. “This is C-c-Clayton,” she said, pointing to a tall guy with jet black hair who was the one that lit the cigarette. “And this is F-f-f-Fernando,” said, pointing to the last boy with bright red hair, who was sitting at the base of a tree with empty beer bottles surrounding him.

I was nervous around these kinds of people, so I said nothing. I think Hope got the idea.

“D-d-do you want some b-b-beer? We also have c-c-cigarettes and d-d-d-drugs.” Hope asked, pulling out a bottle of beer out of the case. “Clayton, get S-s-s-Sophia a cigarette!”

“Hope, I don’t want any. I’m not interested,” I was getting nervous that she was going to force me into drinking or smoking.

“It’s c-c-cool! I w-w-won’t be your f-f-friend if you don’t d-d-drink or s-s-s-smoke.” Hope said as she just about to fall off her own feet, when nothing had pushed her.

“It’s not cool!” I snapped at her, “People die from this stuff! 100,000 people die from alcohol abuse every year! 3 million people die each year from illegal drugs, and tobacco use will kill 1 billion people in the 21st century if current smoking trends continue! If you keep doing this, you could get addicted and never be able to stop drinking or smoking! Do you still think it’s cool?”

I stood there for a couple more seconds, to see if they would say anything. Of course, all four of them were quiet. I walked away, called my parents and went home. I was never going to turn into the person that Hope had turned into.

Heartbeat Of A Song

Feel the pulse?
The notes come to life
they flow through the air
Music saving some from an endless strife
going on without any a care
Pulsing strong
Slow or fast goes
the masterpiece of a melody
The music just knows
to leave you singing breathlessly
Can you hear the pulse?
Smile bright as the sun, or
tears flowing like a creek
Music has the ability to restore
and talks for you when you cannot speak
The pulse goes on forever
The soul of the music
goes on, endlessly long
Never stops and never sticks
It's the beauty, the heartbeat of the song
~ Bailey (CobyCoyle)

(Just decided to put this up here, I mean it's already on my Writer's Cafe but why not share it on Blogger and such? I wrote this ^^""")

Monday, 13 June 2011

Love Never Wins

Inside everyone
Lies a crippling

But farther down is an ability
Than any
But unreachable to most.

A compilation
Of a lifetime
Of observing,
To create our infinite capacity
For the most powerful love.

Only able to reach out
Unable to defend.
By the endless
We thrive on.

A bunch of little poems

I'm feeling very poetic today, but these are all too short to be in separate posts.

An unbreakable cycle of trust
And enviable loyalty
Infinite confidence
And undeniable beauty
You prove a shadowless heart
Is outside the light.
For all the lies that gather interest
All the stories you have told
All I hear is desperation
And a heartbreaking
Need for identity.
Love became industrialized
The expectation
The trust.
Through plastic emotion
Lies an honesty
Lost in a simplistic
Where prejudice
Is diversity.
Undeniably oppressive
With distorted
Trapped in the mindset
Of the undeserved
Barely able to renew
My hope.

Another quick poem

In your societal sense
I've earned no independence.

But in my moral sense
I radiate innocence.
Good intentions
That often
Go wrong.

Quick Poem

This is actually a few verses of a song I wrote, so it seems kind of weird to me in poem form.

It's little more
Than a simple story
Used as proof
To distinguish my support
Of you.

Those words,
Those weapons,
That they use
To hurt me,
Under the impression
That I actually care.

My secret.
It's mine to tell.
I flutter around,
Searching your eyes
For a hint of

Now that you're
I will soon

I Guess

I guess all people aren't created equally
You always were stronger than me
Nothing could ever break you
When I cracked and fell to pieces,
Your mortar held, sound.
I was made of weakness
Wax and string, crumbling clay.
You were the solid stone,
The brick fortress.
Winds battered us, crushing and swirling.
Though I flew away, my fingers slipping and losing their grip,
You held tight, so simply.
So strong.
I lost everything
You always managed to stay.
I guess all people aren't created equally.


The Rain is Like You

The first verse of this was written when I was 12, but I added more to it the other day

My only purpose for waking up today
Was to sit and watch the falling rain
Then when its decides to go away
My love for it will still remain

When I see it falling fast
I remember those times that quickly passed
Me and you were always together
Surely we could’ve been forever?

The sunshine never cuts it for me
All those times I just wish I could see
Something falling from the beautiful sky
The only thing that can make me cry

The lightning and thunder is like a race
Just as beautiful as your sweet face
Its like a fight that will never be won
In the same way we were early on

My only purpose for waking up today
Was to sit and watch the falling rain
Then when it decides to go away
My love for you will still remain

"Molly Grace"

I originally wrote this when I was 10 years old, but I edited a few lines (about 5 of them) and removed some lines the other day. 

It all happened over 100 years ago
Little Molly Grace did not know
What was to happen on that fateful night
And why she would refuse to fight
In that dark alley, in 1876
There was bound to be a few terrible conflicts

As darkness grew closer she knew for a start
Her family would begin to grow apart
She started to suddenly shake and shiver
But it wasn't the cold that made her quiver

Those young lads of about 16 or more
Enjoyed using the alley to hunt down the poor
Molly Grace got onto her already scraped knees
Realised eventually her weak body would freeze
So she lay there, too scared to move
All the evil thoughts in her head she tried to remove

Eventually after what seemed like hours
Two of the boys jumped off the nearby towers
They came to their side, introduced them to her
And evil Thomas and James began to confer

However, little Molly Grace did not realise
That on this night she had no allies
No one was coming to rescue her
And suddenly the alley became a blur

Molly Grace felt a stinging in her ribs
Started to wish she hadn't told those fibs
That where she was going would be safe
And she wouldn't be seen as a little waif

After seconds she couldn't think
Molly Grace's life was on the brink
Suddenly, her young mind just went blank
Thomas and James don't need to be thanked

That next morning much to her parent's dismay
Molly Grace's face appeared a pale grey
The police took her in and sent word around
That Molly Grace had been surely found

-- Katie.

Just a quick rhyming couplet :)

Fire fire burning bright
Set my seething soul alight



Hey everyone, this is a poem i entered in for a competition this week.  It can be interperated in a hundred different ways and applied to 1000 different human experiences which is why i like it. Enjoy!

blank and unmoving are the pale chalk silhouettes

their encrusted sockets roll and fill my heart with repulsion

all is silent though my screams fill the air
blackness is stifling me now
he is pressing on my chest and my strangled cries are heard by no one
no one is here with me no one can awaken me
only he lingers
he has no earthly weight but I feel him upon me
when under ether my mind comes alive
i can taste every icy flame passing through me
now my eyes have adapted to the his
now mine have blushed scarlet as well
now the iron clad manacles that held me are mere caresses dancing unconstrainably across my skin
before i wake i laugh as i die
as he decreases i am heavy with the weight
i am her once again a creature of no hurt and no insight
i seek the fog that brings red demon like pain and i shy from the relief that brings me emptiness
i drown in an ocean of silence choking on my sorrows
aimlessly and lifelessly I am flung
life is choking me and salty reason consumes my lungs
as my temple aches and my eyes solidify once more i feel lost without him
what makes me feel more than that which is mere smoke and surface cuts me open
what gives me life chains me and mutilates my lungs