Monday, 13 June 2011


Hey everyone, this is a poem i entered in for a competition this week.  It can be interperated in a hundred different ways and applied to 1000 different human experiences which is why i like it. Enjoy!

blank and unmoving are the pale chalk silhouettes

their encrusted sockets roll and fill my heart with repulsion

all is silent though my screams fill the air
blackness is stifling me now
he is pressing on my chest and my strangled cries are heard by no one
no one is here with me no one can awaken me
only he lingers
he has no earthly weight but I feel him upon me
when under ether my mind comes alive
i can taste every icy flame passing through me
now my eyes have adapted to the his
now mine have blushed scarlet as well
now the iron clad manacles that held me are mere caresses dancing unconstrainably across my skin
before i wake i laugh as i die
as he decreases i am heavy with the weight
i am her once again a creature of no hurt and no insight
i seek the fog that brings red demon like pain and i shy from the relief that brings me emptiness
i drown in an ocean of silence choking on my sorrows
aimlessly and lifelessly I am flung
life is choking me and salty reason consumes my lungs
as my temple aches and my eyes solidify once more i feel lost without him
what makes me feel more than that which is mere smoke and surface cuts me open
what gives me life chains me and mutilates my lungs


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