Monday, 13 June 2011

"Molly Grace"

I originally wrote this when I was 10 years old, but I edited a few lines (about 5 of them) and removed some lines the other day. 

It all happened over 100 years ago
Little Molly Grace did not know
What was to happen on that fateful night
And why she would refuse to fight
In that dark alley, in 1876
There was bound to be a few terrible conflicts

As darkness grew closer she knew for a start
Her family would begin to grow apart
She started to suddenly shake and shiver
But it wasn't the cold that made her quiver

Those young lads of about 16 or more
Enjoyed using the alley to hunt down the poor
Molly Grace got onto her already scraped knees
Realised eventually her weak body would freeze
So she lay there, too scared to move
All the evil thoughts in her head she tried to remove

Eventually after what seemed like hours
Two of the boys jumped off the nearby towers
They came to their side, introduced them to her
And evil Thomas and James began to confer

However, little Molly Grace did not realise
That on this night she had no allies
No one was coming to rescue her
And suddenly the alley became a blur

Molly Grace felt a stinging in her ribs
Started to wish she hadn't told those fibs
That where she was going would be safe
And she wouldn't be seen as a little waif

After seconds she couldn't think
Molly Grace's life was on the brink
Suddenly, her young mind just went blank
Thomas and James don't need to be thanked

That next morning much to her parent's dismay
Molly Grace's face appeared a pale grey
The police took her in and sent word around
That Molly Grace had been surely found

-- Katie.

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