Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Heartbeat Of A Song

Feel the pulse?
The notes come to life
they flow through the air
Music saving some from an endless strife
going on without any a care
Pulsing strong
Slow or fast goes
the masterpiece of a melody
The music just knows
to leave you singing breathlessly
Can you hear the pulse?
Smile bright as the sun, or
tears flowing like a creek
Music has the ability to restore
and talks for you when you cannot speak
The pulse goes on forever
The soul of the music
goes on, endlessly long
Never stops and never sticks
It's the beauty, the heartbeat of the song
~ Bailey (CobyCoyle)

(Just decided to put this up here, I mean it's already on my Writer's Cafe but why not share it on Blogger and such? I wrote this ^^""")

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